Friday 23 February 2018

A drug dealer called 911 to report a customer not paying and what the police did next is hilarious

Oh dear.

A bag of marijuana (OlyaSolodenko/Getty Images/PA)
A bag of marijuana (OlyaSolodenko/Getty Images/PA)

By Taylor Heyman

When a drug dealer placed an unexpected call to Oxford Police department in Mississippi, US, they probably weren’t expecting the force to mock them on Twitter.

The dealer called the department after they apparently were swindled out of “several ounces” of weed by a customer who then wouldn’t pay for it.

Sharing a pithy gif of comedian Dave Chappelle saying “we’re not drug dealers. We’re fundraisers,” the department poked fun at the dealer on its Twitter account.

Twitter users were astounded at the ridiculousness of calling the police about a weed deal gone awry, replying to the tweet with their incredulous reactions.

But for these guys, it’s all in a day’s work.

Hopefully they’ve got enough coffee and doughnuts to keep them going through this trying time.

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