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Tuesday 23 January 2018

A dinosaur taking on the dictionary is probably the most bizarre feud ever

Unfortunately, this T Rex didn’t come out on top.

By Prudence Wade

Some Internet feuds are predictable (like Piers Morgan with basically anyone), but this one seemingly came out of nowhere.

Nobody could have guessed that a dinosaur would pick a fight with dictionary Merriam Webster on Twitter. Definitely a bold move considering how Merriam Webster has gained a lot of fans due to its witty social media presence.

It all started with SUE the T Rex, a skeleton of the world’s largest T Rex who lives at the Field Museum in Chicago. It would seem like SUE was cruising for a bruising, when they ran this Twitter poll.

Of course the public wanted to see fireworks so chose “random feuds” as what they’d like to see from SUE – and SUE obliged. When they said random they really meant it, and somehow decided upon Merriam Webster as their target.

But Merriam Webster is a force to be reckoned with on Twitter, and had a quickfire comeback up its sleeve.

This kind of clapback was just too much for Twitter to handle.

To give SUE proper credit, they knew when they were owned.

People have been quick to point out that picking a fight with a dictionary was perhaps not the smartest idea ever.

Luckily, Merriam Webster and SUE kissed and made up – although it would seem like the dictionary had a few more snarky comments up its sleeve.

It’s likely that this particular dinosaur won’t be giving any more random dictionaries sass on Twitter for a long time.

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