Sunday 15 September 2019

A definitive ranking of each Premier League champion’s trophy ribbons

It’s all about colour contrast.

Jamie Vardy and Arsene Wenger hold the Premier League trophy (Nick Potts/PA, PA)
Jamie Vardy and Arsene Wenger hold the Premier League trophy (Nick Potts/PA, PA)

By Max McLean, Press Association

A truly great Premier League side wins the trophy with style as well as resolve, and that goes for the colours which adorn the trophy they eventually lift as well.

Each side has a set of celebratory coloured ribbons unique to them, but it’s safe to say some look better than others. Based on each of the six teams’ most recent successes, here’s a definitive ranking…

1. Leicester City 2015/16

Dark blue and gold

Leicester City celebrate winning the Premier League

One of the greatest Premier League stories? Perhaps. The greatest Premier League ribbons? Absolutely.

The contrast between royal blue background and gold writing is outstanding, even if it does look as though a Jet garage has won the sponsorship rights.

It’s also important to note that 2015/16 was the last season Barclays was the title sponsor of the Premier League. They always got the font right on the ribbons, something which has a crucial influence on the order of this list.

2. Arsenal 2003/04

Red and white

Thierry Henry celebrates winning the Premier League with Arsenal

It’s easy to forget how good Arsenal looked winning the Premier League title, given it happened over a decade ago, so let this serve as a reminder:

Red and white looks ace on the trophy.

This time the sponsor reads “Barclaycard” but it’s the same effect. Great font, nice colours.

3. Manchester United 2012/13

Red, black and white

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates winning the Premier League in 2013

Manchester United were champions most recently in the 2012/13 season, it was thanks to Robin van Persie that everyone got to see the red, white and black ribbons out again.

It’s almost as if Dennis the Menace’s Beanotown have won the title, isn’t it?

4. Chelsea 2016/17

Dark blue and white

Michy Batshuayi celebrates winning the Premier League title with Chelsea

Perhaps a little harsh on Chelsea? The Blues became the first team to win the league after Barclays was dropped as the title sponsor, and it shows.

The playful blue and white font just doesn’t quite have the same “We’ve just won the title and isn’t it brilliant?” effect, not that Michy Batshuayi minds.

5. Manchester City 2017/18

Light blue and white

Manchester City celebrate winning the Premier League

Manchester City’s 2017/18 vintage might well be able to lay claim to producing one of the best Premier League campaigns ever, but they’ll struggle to convince anyone their ribbons are best.

White Premier League writing on a light blue background? It’s basically unreadable.

6. Blackburn Rovers 1994/95

Blue, white and black

Chris Sutton celebrates winning the Premiership with Blackburn

Last – and in terms of ribbons, definitely least – it’s Blackburn’s 1994/95 decorations.

Blue, white and black with the Carling sponsor? The writing’s too small, the colours aren’t striking, and unlike Rovers’ incredible season, these ribbons are forgettable.

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