Sunday 18 February 2018

A cricket writer has completely destroyed England's Dear 677 letter with hilarious annotations


By Max McLean

After an open letter addressed to the next player to debut for England’s Test team was spread around social media, one cricket writer decided to take a red pen to it.

The piece is called Dear 677 because 676 men have so far played Test cricket for England, but ESPNcricinfo’s UK editor Andrew Miller was not impressed with its grammar or its sentiments.

“Forget what you’ve done before” is met with the annotation: “No, seriously, don’t,” while other additions to the letter include “How will Test caps win T20s?”, “See me” and “HYPHENS!”

It’s safe to say other social media users weren’t all that impressed either.

“Forget what you’ve done before, none of it matters,” seems a little harsh on 677′s first day.

Meanwhile, others felt that the message could do with simplifying.

The letter was in fact a script for an advert with New Balance, who are the team’s new kit manufacturer, and it does arguably sound better out loud.

Still – the written version remains funny.

The “never ending (sic) flight of stairs to success” sounds pretty tiring. We’re going to give it a miss if you don’t mind.

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