Sunday 22 September 2019

A cop’s dance to Happy will definitely bring a smile to your face

And all while he’s holding an ice cream.

Police officers seen behind police car lights (Antonprado/Getty Images)
Police officers seen behind police car lights (Antonprado/Getty Images)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

Check out the moves from this cop as he was caught on video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

Officer Cody Pruitt is seen trying to encourage others to join in as he struts – while also holding an ice cream.

The mother who recorded the officer’s moves in Westboro, South Carolina, described it as a moment she’ll “never forget”.

Walterboro, SC Rice Festival 2018 Not sure who this officer was but he was surely having a good time!! 😂 *update* the...

Posted by Christina Marie on Saturday, April 28, 2018

“It was such a great feeling to see him dancing and showing that police officers have a “human side” to them,” Christina Cook told the Press Association.

She had been at the Colleton County Rice Festival with her family.

“With all the negative in the news, it was great to see an officer being so friendly and positive.

“I never intended for the video to go viral. I originally posted it to Facebook so the officer could see it, and I wasn’t sure who the officer was at the time and I knew someone in my town would know who it was so it would eventually get back to him.

“Well, it got to him, and very quickly too!

“It’s definitely been a happy experience to see so many people enjoying my video just as much as my girls and I enjoyed watching him dance.

“It’s a moment I’ll never forget!!”

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