Saturday 21 September 2019

A cat gave birth in a stranger’s house and changed their life forever

Surprise kittens are a game-changer for anyone.

A cat with her kittens in @ParisZarcilla’s room (Twitter/@ParisZarcilla)
A cat with her kittens in @ParisZarcilla’s room (Twitter/@ParisZarcilla)

By Max McLean and Edd Dracott, Press Association

A cat giving birth to kittens is adorable, but when one mog made its way into a stranger’s house to bring her newborns into the world, it brought a little more than cuteness into the equation.

“It was like any normal morning, except the night before I had slept in the living room as the bedroom was too hot,” east London director and writer Paris Zarcilla told the Press Association.

“I went upstairs to grab a jumper from my drawer beneath the bed and waiting for me was a startled cat and four mewing kittens.”

The cats caused quite a stir on Twitter and, despite the surprise, Paris has taken to the situation with a love and affection that appears to have awoken the “Cat Dad” inside.

“They’ve been rocket fuel to my dormant dad instincts and of course I want to take care of them all”, said Paris. “If I’m allowed to I will fully take on the mantle of Cat Dad and house them myself. I’m like actually in love with them.”

Paris acknowledged in the Twitter thread that the cat might well belong to someone else, and that giving up the kittens and their mother was of course a possibility, but having a family of felines appears to be an appealing concept.

“It’s beautiful and horrible and majestic all at once. I don’t like caring about anything this much but I do and that’s OK,” Paris continued.

And with thousands of retweets and likes, plenty have been offering cat advice for Cat Dad, which has been very well received.

“It has been an emotional whirlwind,” said Paris. “I had no idea Twitter would respond the way it did. So much love and support from strangers all over the world.”

While Paris initially told the Press Association that naming the animals wasn’t yet on the cards because “that seals the love deal”, each cat has been rated.

Expect further updates from this magnificent family of cats and their very proud Cat Dad.

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