Tuesday 18 December 2018

9 things that really haven’t aged well

There are some controversial choices in here…

Game boy
Game boy

By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

It seems as though it was only yesterday we were exchanging emoticons over MSN messenger. Memes as we know them were not yet born.

While some of your favourite symbols of a time gone by may have died out, there are some things you may be pleased are no longer celebrated or in the mainstream.

Reddit user brasshunky asked: “What hasn’t aged well?”

Brace yourself for some throwbacks – some pleasant, others not so much.

1. Nothing but facts.

2. When will they grow up?

3. Ah, yes – when will humans finally catch up with dinosaurs IRL?

4. An eye-opener.

5. Some things are better left in the past.

6. It was irritating for several reasons.

7. Britney and Justin matching denim red carpet looks, anyone?

8. Oof, controversial opinion.

9. On a more practical note, here is your reminder.

*wonders if there’s any chance it might still be edible*

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