Saturday 21 September 2019

9 things people did once but never again

They tried it. They didn’t like it.

Aston from boyband JLS flips across a football pitch
Aston from boyband JLS flips across a football pitch

By Max McLean, Press Association

Sometimes it’s nice to try new things, but that doesn’t mean to say you have to do them ever again.

That was the subject of a particularly popular Ask Reddit, after Reddit user jseyfer asked: “What’s something you tried once, then immediately decided “NOPE!” for the rest of your life?”

From accidental eating to acrobatics, here are nine of the best answers.

1. Skydiving

“Skydiving. It was the most amazing adrenaline rush of my life, but I kept recalling the instructor’s words: ‘You don’t want to be average at this sport, or pretty good at this sport, you want to be excellent at this sport, or you will die.’

“Naah. I’ll just enjoy the memory of flying for a few minutes and not jump out of a perfectly good airplane ever again.” – ThatGuyFromOhio

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2. Cigarettes

“When I was 10 my mom sent me to pick up her cigarette she left in the ashtray in another room. On the way back I took a small puff and thought the nastiest thing I had ever tried.

“Never again.” – tallenlo

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3. Spiders

“When I had the opportunity to hold a “tame” tarantula-like spider I thought it would be helpfull to get rid of my fear for spiders, but then it shoots his hairs (I didn’t even knew they where capable of such a thing) and it felt like my face was on fire. I will never touch a spider again.” – barbamara

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4. Crisco

“Crisco (a kind of plant-based lard for cooking). Not me, but my daughter. When she was a kid, she thought that the can of Crisco was actually marshmallow creme. she got a big ol’ spoonfull of the stuff, and shoved it into her mouth, with great anticipation of sweet, marshmallowy goodness.

“Crisco isn’t quite the same as marshmallow.” – rylos

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5. Scuba diving

“Scuba diving. Nope not for me :(. I have a small part of me thinking I could give it another go but realistically I won’t. I felt trapped, claustrophobic, like the breathing wasn’t enough, didn’t like the noise. I’m happy for other people to enjoy it.” – knower_of_not_much

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6. Earwax

“Tasting earwax. 7 year old me figured that if bogies were sort of OK, surely earwax would be as well.

“Nope. Never ever again.” – hoonosewot

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7. Pet names

“My boyfriend occasionally calls me ‘honey’ but that’s the only pet name he’s ever used. But once when he was saying bye to me and said ‘seeya later baby.’

“We exchanged awkward glances for a good few seconds before he said ‘I’m so sorry'” – mamloo

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8. Bungie jumping

“I tried bungie jumping once. I wanted to see if I could conquer my fears. As I got up to the platform and put on the gear, I just kept thinking about how stupid it was to jump off this tower for no real reason other than a thrill. I was terrified as well, but predominantly felt that what I was doing was just pointless. I asked the guy to push me off since I’d never have been able to jump on my own. I was pretty happy when I got to the bottom, only to realize that the force of elasticity meant I was going almost all the way back up, then had to do almost the whole descent all over again, and then repeat the process a few times. There was never any thrill; it was all just scary and pointless for me.” – LogicalBike

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9. Flips

“That flip trick where you run forwards but do a backflip. I didn’t commit and I pretty much back flopped. Never again. I pretty much avoid flipping in general now.” – TheEverstorm

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