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9 people who have completely misunderstood Pi Day


It is certainly not an opportunity to scoff pizzas and pies.

Happy Pi Day!

Today is a day where we can all come together and think serious thoughts about everyone’s favourite number, pi.

Well, that’s what you’d think would happen. But instead of sitting in silence contemplating the possibilities of 3.14159265…, many people seemed to be more interested in food.

That’s right, Einstein would be turning in his grave if he knew these people were more interested in some different types of pie than the important number.

1. Prominent chef Wolfgang Puck was by no means the only person to devour a pizza in a tenuous way to honour Pi Day.

2. This person took the atrocity one step further by adding mac and cheese to their pizza – something we’re sure Einstein wouldn’t approve of.

3. Yes, yes, we get it. Pizza pie = Pi Day. Very clever.

4. Pizzas aren’t the only foodstuff people are thoughtlessly using to celebrate Pi Day.

5. Sure, the pies look delicious – but this is no way to celebrate some serious maths!

6. Mini pie = mini celebration of Pi Day.

7. When will all this pun-based tomfoolery end?!

8. These greedy guts got BOTH types of pies.

9. So did this lot. And on that note, we’re going to go and study the hallowed number in a more appropriate way, with some graph paper.

Well, it can’t hurt to have maybe one slice of pizza while we do sums…

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