Friday 20 September 2019

9 basic tasks that would make highly entertaining Olympic sports

Take your pick from office wheelie chair racing, to self-scanning checkouts at the supermarket.

(alexlobur/ Getty Images)
(alexlobur/ Getty Images)

By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

What if you could be rewarded with an Olympic medal each time you completed one of your everyday tasks faster than others?

This is the scenario Reddit users are imagining after mika123 asked: “What basic activity would be a hilarious Olympic sport?”

Predictably, it would add a competitive – and perhaps dangerous – edge to everyday life, but could you imagine competing in any of these?

1. School-run.

2. Office wheelie chair racing.

3. Here’s one you and your neighbours can take part in.

4. Single-beds have an unfair disadvantage.

5. One for the lazy peeps.

6. Reverse supermarket sweep: Home Edition.

7. Commuters are already prepped for this one.

8. Lovers of flatpack furniture: this one is for you.

9. Beware the dreaded “unexpected item in bagging area”.

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