Wednesday 18 July 2018

8 shower thoughts that will make you stop and think for a second

From ironing clothes to butterfly love, there’s plenty to get you thinking in this list.

A woman thinking with her hand on her chin
A woman thinking with her hand on her chin

By Max McLean, Press Association

Sometimes it’s hard to shake the feeling that you might have thought of something nobody else has ever thought of before.

To see if others feel the same way about their shower thoughts, Reddit users often share them among one another. Do you see anything you’ve ever pondered in this list?

1. Rock, paper, scissors, bye!

“Shaking hands, giving the peace sign, and bumping fists are all ways to say goodbye. It’s like rock paper scissors, except you want to tie.” – PunchMeat

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2. Transparent breakfast

“Someone really needs to invent a see-through toaster.” – DryDav

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3. A wrinkle in time

“Think of all the time and energy we could save if we all decided to agree that it’s acceptable to wear wrinkled clothes” – m_chips

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4. Insect nerves

“When butterflies fall in love, do they feel people in their stomach.” – Sauravaway1

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5. Headphone happiness

“Really tall people were probably the most excited about wireless headphones.” – AmAllergicToGold

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6. World Wide Web

“WWW is 6 syllables longer than World Wide Web” – maikapi23

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7. Back to the future

“There will probably be a history class in the future about the 2000s internet culture.” – d0ctorsmileaway

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8. The pursuit of happiness (or car keys)

“What is happiness? Happiness is locking your car keys in the car then realizing that one of the car doors is still open.” – n7-Jutsu

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