Thursday 17 January 2019

8 Pavlovian responses people have developed from life experience

Prepare to drool.

Husky dogs take part in a race
Husky dogs take part in a race

By Max McLean, Press Association

Have you ever developed an instinctive response to something because of the associations you have made with it over time?

If so then you have something in common with Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. Pavlov was a Russian scientist who discovered dogs produce extra saliva when they believe food is on its way, which they began to associate with different things such as the ringing of a bell.

Humans also make associations with certain things, and that’s exactly what Reddit users have been discussing. What have they conditioned themselves to subconsciously do?

1. The unnecessary check

“Check pockets for phone, wallet and keys every time I exit my room….even if I’m going to the bathroom in my pjs at 4 in the morning…” – hkbundle

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2. Invisible pain

“Saying ouch every time I run into something, regardless of whether or not it hurt” – fakephillycheezsteak

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3. The phone of doom

“Increased heart rate and feeling of dread when my phone rings. Even though 99% of the time it’s nothing bad.” – Scrappy_Larue

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4. Secret reader

“Hide a book I’m reading if someone walks into the room. I spent a lot of time that I was supposed to be doing chores engrossed in novels when I was a kid.” – farmerchic

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5. EA Sports, you’re in the game

“When I play ps4 sports games, every time there’s a whistle I grab a sip of water or whatever drink I’m having. Now I find myself doing the same while watching sports. Whistle? Sip…” – buyingbridges

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6. Reddit squared

Sometimes at my computer, I get bored of Reddit, close the browser, and then bring up Reddit on my phone. Like, wtf am I doing.” – 3sheetz

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7. I see what you did there

“When I hear the word Pavlovian, I always picture a dog.” – FalstaffsMind

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