Friday 15 November 2019

8 mundane but weird things that are out there, somewhere

Somebody somewhere is watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

(Julien Behal/PA)
(Julien Behal/PA)

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

Earth is a place of wonder, where the totally amazing and the utterly mundane live side by side.

Sometimes the two are one and the same – and that’s the sort of thing Reddit user Heav120 was looking for when they asked: “What thing exists but is strange to think about it being out there somewhere right now?”

Here are some of the best answers:

1. Serious movie fans

From Reddit user massivebumwizard: “Sometimes, for reasons I’m not quite sure, I gaze out of my window and wonder how many people out there in the world are watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 right at that moment.”

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2. This nation state

3. Old friends

From Reddit user Portarossa: “Everyone I went to school with is out there, living their own lives. A lot of them will have kids by now. A lot of them will be married. Some will be working their dream jobs, and others will be working jobs they hate. Some will, statistically speaking, have died in some horrific accident. These people who were part of my everyday life for years – decades, in some cases – without really ever being friends have all got their own world in which they’re the central character. That’s nuts to me.”

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4. The Butterfly effect

5. Old toys

From Reddit user Whatifwereallaliens: “That one Jango Fett action figure I buried in the sand when I was like six. He’s still out there…somewhere.”

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6. This movie star

7. Places from another life

Friom Reddit user ConneryFTW: “There’s a summer camp/orphanage in Poland that I worked at when I was younger. It has children there full time, but it’s more so filled in the summer. The camp has a bunch of cabins, a very old swimming pool, orchards filled with about a dozen different kinds of fruit, nature trails, and it’s all in the Polish countryside filled with rolling hills and mountains. It’s peaceful there. It’s also crazy at times, but it’s beautiful too. It’s something that I try to think about from time to time, so I don’t forget that places like that exist. Even though it’s far away from my current life.”

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8. Trippy but true

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