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7 of Donald Trump's biggest Twitter feuds to stop Snoop Dogg feeling targeted


The rapper just added his name to a rather long list…

Let’s face it, as a spectator, Snoop Dogg versus Donald Trump is a battle you’ve been wanting to see for some time – and now finally we’re getting close to making dreams a reality.

After the rapper was seen shooting a toy gun at the US president in a recent music video, Trump reacted in one of his favourite ways – say the artist’s career is failing and suggest they should be locked up.

He is truly a wordsmith of our times…

Snoop shouldn’t feel too privileged to get a mention in front of Trump’s 26 million followers though – his is just one name in a long, long list.

Years down the line some of those tweets might be staring back at your grandkids in their history textbooks – so let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.

1. When he mocked Ariana Huffington

To say the co-founder of the Huffington Post took a bit of stick here would be a cataclysmic understatement.

Did Trump apologise? Nope.

2. When he had a crack at Alan Sugar

This Twitter spat all started over an argument between Sugar and Trump over wind turbines in Scotland. Trump, who owns a golf course in Scotland, isn’t a fan.

To which Sugar, who has deleted his comments, replied “The Scottish don’t want you!”

Both being stars of reality show The Apprentice – Sugar in the UK and Trump in the US – the feud quickly came to that too. Trump pointing out he owns the show – and many others, apparently.

If you’re someone who isn’t a particular fan of Trump – or perhaps a Lord Sugar fan – you may not like Piers Morgan’s involvement in the feud either.

3. When he tried to make Katy Perry regret her choice of husband

Okay so in reality this was very much a dig at Russell Brand. We’re sure Perry wasn’t too pleased either though.

Oh, and it didn’t stop there.

In fact, some of the tweets aren’t even about Brand’s marriage.

Being a comedian though – of course Brand had a reply.

4. When he went in on Saturday Night Live

If you’re not aware of Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump – here he is.

We aren’t inclined to say it’s the worst impression, but people are entitled to their opinion on comedy.

Baldwin had a reply for Trump too of course.

Oo topical. A leak this week revealed Trump’s tax returns from 2005, which indicated he paid below average for higher-earning taxpayers.

5. When he targeted an acting legend

Three tweets for this one. Trump was replying to comments Streep made at the Golden Globes, where she proclaimed “when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose” – noting an incident where Trump imitated a disabled journalist.

The strange thing about this one is perhaps that in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2015 Trump called the three-time Oscar winner “excellent” and “a fine person too”.

6. When Hillary Clinton had a jab

After a US appeal court refused to reinstate Trump’s travel ban on those from seven Muslim-majority nations, he took to Twitter within minutes.

Trump’s antagonist in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, couldn’t resist giving a response of her own after the announcement – which was voted against unanimously by a panel of three judges.

That must be one of the greatest ratios of characters to retweets in the history of Twitter.

7. When “that” spying was alleged

A recent one this. Trump took to his Twitter account to claim former president Barack Obama had spied on him in Trump Tower prior to the election.

No evidence has been given to support Trump’s claims and Obama has denied the allegation – but Trump had a lot to say about it.

More then two tweets on the same topic constitutes a rant, right? In any case, as Snoop Dogg just found out, Trump likes to have his thoughts heard.

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