Saturday 24 February 2018

7 events on June 8 Theresa May has inadvertently ruined with her snap election

By Max McLean

General Elections are attention grabbers, aren’t they?

With Theresa May announcing plans for a general election on June 8, anything happening on that day will probably be playing second fiddle to politics.

So what else is going on that day, and to what extent has May’s announcement inconvenienced them?

1. World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is now nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to May’s snap election.

Unless the vote is won or lost on the issue of marine conservation, which we’re refusing to rule out, it looks like World Oceans Day is likely to be overshadowed.

2. Kanye West’s 40th birthday

An entire ocean separates Kanye West and the British Isles, but May’s election will almost certainly take some of the attention away from the rapper’s birthday.

Kanye’s opinions on Trump were big news during the US presidential election, but we’re not sure his thoughts on South Thanet will be as welcome on June 8.

3. National Upsy Daisy day

According to, National Upsy Daisy Day is designed “to encourage you to face the day positively and to get up ‘gloriously, gratefully and gleefully’ each morning.”

The polls suggest the Tories are well ahead, but will May have a skip in her step when she gets out of bed on National Upsy Daisy Day?

4. A whole host of World Cup qualifiers

If you were hoping June 8 would be a day all about World Cup qualifying, you are sadly mistaken.

Mexico v Honduras, USA v Trinidad and Tobago, Australia v Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica v Panama will all have to take a back seat as Britain decides on its future. Scotland host England in a qualifier two days later, which seems appropriate.

5. A crucial Champions Trophy clash

India take on Sri Lanka in the second round of Group B ICC Champions Trophy matches on June 8, a tournament which is being hosted in the UK this year. Why would anyone schedule a general election for such a day?

Taking place just a stone’s throw from Westminster at the Oval in London, this extravaganza of cricket may be just the thing you need if want to get your mind off politics. The Tories’ tally of MPs currently stands at 330 – enough for a victory in the House of Commons, but a total India would be confident of chasing in a 50-over game.

6. The start of the Isle of Wight festival

June 8 also marks the beginning of the 2017 edition of the Isle of Wight festival, where The Kooks, Rod Stewart, Razorlight and Mel C are all set to perform.

Folk can roll up to the festival on the day of the election – presumably having voted first – but the music doesn’t actually start until the Friday, so that’s a full day for music lovers to focus fully on politics.

7. The opening of a Grayson Perry exhibition

The Turner Prize-winning artist launches The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! at the Serpentine Gallery on June 8, where he’ll be hoping the public won’t be so distracted by voting that it becomes an averagely popular art exhibition.

Perry’s artistic focus on society and culture might actually be entirely appropriate on the day of the election, however. Something for May to do as she awaits the results perhaps.

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