Friday 15 December 2017

603lb woman carried by forklift

Umnuayporn Tongprapai is removed from her third-floor apartment in Bangkok (AP)
Umnuayporn Tongprapai is removed from her third-floor apartment in Bangkok (AP)

A 603lb woman believed to be the heaviest in Thailand has left her apartment for the first time in three years - with the help of Bangkok city hall and a forklift.

Neighbours of 40-year-old Umnuayporn Tongprapai contacted the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority when they learned she needed medical attention to remove a tumour in her right leg.

Bangkok's media-savvy governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra summoned camera crews to document the event, which involved engineers, demolition crews, rescue workers, doctors and nurses.

Seated on the floor of her modest third-floor apartment on the outskirts of Bangkok, Ms Umnuayporn told reporters she could only walk a few feet on her own and was confined to her studio apartment where she ran a laundry service with the help of her two adopted sons.

Ms Umnuayporn, whose weight is roughly the equivalent of a grand piano, said: "I've been living in this room and have not gone outside for three years. I can walk a little, just enough that I can go to the bathroom. But I have to cling to my son the whole way."

She walked slowly to a trolley aided by her son, before being rolled down the corridor to a nearby empty apartment where workers had torn down an inner wall to allow her entry and demolished a section of the building's facade to take her outside.

As neighbours cheered on the pavement, Ms Umnuayporn smiled and flashed a "V" for victory as she was lowered from the apartment by an elevator constructed outside. A forklift then transferred her to a waiting ambulance that took her to a Bangkok hospital.

"It's very likely that she is the heaviest person in the country," said Pijaya Nagavachara, director of the BMA General Hospital, which weighed her once she was admitted.

Her treatment will involve removing the tumour and reducing her weight, which doctors suspect may be due to thyroid problems.

Once her medical treatment is finished, Ms Umnuayporn says her dream is to go to the beach. "I want to go to the sea," she said, with tears in her eyes. "I want to play in the water."

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