Thursday 19 April 2018

6 week-old Boston Terrier suffering from 'Swimmer Puppy Syndrome' undergoes intensive therapy

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

MICK, the 6 week-old Boston Terrier suffers from 'Swimmer Puppy Syndrome', where a puppy's legs are splayed to each side, rendering them unable to walk, sit or stand.

Most animals suffering from 'Swimmer Puppy Syndrome' are recommended to be put down due to the intense levels of care they need and the low quality of life they have without treatment.

The Mia Foundation in Rochester, NY, helped Mick build muscles in his legs through swim session therapy. Mick was also hung in a corrective harness for 15 minutes, 4 times a day. In between therapy sessions, Mick was propped up to relieve the pressure on his chest and his legs were taped in the correct resting position.

After two weeks of therapy, Mick is now on the road to recovery. As the video shows, Mick can now walk and run unaided, and three of his four legs are now in their correct positions.

The Mia Foundation was inspired by "a tiny chihuahua named Mia", who, due to her cleft palette, was recommended to be euthanised after her birth. Her owner decided to "give her a chance". Mia died after two years but her "legacy will live on in the foundation created in her memory".

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