Friday 17 January 2020

6 things Londoners can actually do to help in the aftermath of the Westminster attack

By Prudence Wade

Practical things that will actually make a difference.

After the chilling attack on Westminster, it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of terrorism.

However, there are many practical things that Londoners can do to actually help the situation. You can make some form of impact, however small it may be.

1. Donate to London’s Air Ambulance

If you were anything like us, you were incredibly impressed by the fast response of the emergency services as soon as the attack happened.

You can donate to the Air Ambulance to ensure that it always has the resources to respond just as swiftly should anything happen in London.

Seeing as the service is only partly funded by the NHS, donations are incredibly crucial to help it continue doing such great work.

2. Donate to Keith Palmer’s family

A JustGiving page has already been set up to raise money for Pc Keith Palmer, who was killed during the attack.

The page says: “He laid his life for others. Let us help his family.” It has already raised £2,749 of its £10,000 target.

3. Send any pictures you have to the police

The investigation into the attack is still ongoing, so any pictures or evidence you might have could be hugely helpful to the police.

You can easily upload any relevant pictures you might have here.

4. However, be mindful when circulating imagery

Posting and circulating these pictures on social media without thought of the victims and their families will help no one, so the Met Police urges “common sense and restraint”.

5. Be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour

London is on high alert, and so should you be too.

If you see anything suspicious, make sure you report it to the Metropolitan Police, and generally be vigilant and careful as you go about your day.

6. Continue on with your day-to-day life

Whilst it is true that we should be vigilant, you shouldn’t let the attack scare you. Nor should it prevent you from going about your normal day and taking advantage of everything the city of London has to offer.

Showing that terrorism can’t stop London is probably the most powerful thing you can do.

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