Saturday 25 May 2019

6 strategic chess moves which have been brilliantly applied to real life

It’s not really about chess at all.

A chess game (Lauren Hurley/PA)
A chess game (Lauren Hurley/PA)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

Calculating plans and working out moves well ahead of when they will be executed sounds just like a chess game.

So when Reddit user LilDarkWind wanted to know of some successful next-level scheming they asked the site for examples of “genius 4D chess moves”.

The site did not disappoint – here’s six of the best.

1. The office whizz who added their name in white to the bottom of reports.

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2. Forget chess, this one’s all about Scrabble

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3. The reverse psychology of bathtime

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4. The way this guy was made to resign, possibly

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5. The retail store which made price match work in its favour

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6. Using the office snitch to get what you want

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There we go. And not a single chess tip to be found.

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