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6 other things that were sixth best to mark Manchester United's 100th successive day in sixth place


Six six six – the number of the Red Devils?

Manchester United might be 17 games undefeated in the Premier League right now but, somehow, they remain sixth in the league.

And it’s something they’ve got used to – despite not losing a league fixture since October, the Red Devils have been sixth for a very long time.

That’s 100 days in the league’s final Europa League qualifying position for Jose Mourinho’s side – here are some other things that finished sixth to keep them company.

The Green Party – 2015 General Election

The Green Party took sixth place in the voting share at the 2015 General Election, securing progress to the Europa League third qualifying round in the process – no wait, that’s not right.

The Greens took a 3.8% share, earning 1,157,613 votes in total – United have 10.4 million followers on Twitter, which, if converted into votes, would put them just behind the Conservatives at the 2015 election.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

First things first, we like ALL of the Harry Potter books but you’ve got to have your favourites.

The Order of the Phoenix ranks as the least engaging for us, while the Chamber of Secrets follows. It’s got a Basilisk, sure, but United have Zlatan and they’re still sixth.

Jimi Hendrix

An all-time great, master of the guitar Jimi Hendrix was so good he could shred his way up and down the fret board with his left hand or his right.

As such, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Hendrix at number six in their top 100 Greatest Artists list – difficult to argue with that. Where would Wayne Rooney rank in the top 100 Premier League players of all time, we wonder?

The yellow ball in snooker

You can’t argue with the numbers – the yellow ball is trapped by its own destiny, forever worth a measly two points.

You’re the sixth most valuable snooker ball, yellow, and it’s all you’ll ever be.


Jedward finished sixth in the 2009 edition of the X Factor but did manage a fourth-place finish in week six.

United would settle for fourth right now we imagine and, although they’ve been sixth for soooo long, they do have two games in hand on Liverpool, who occupy the last Champions League spot.

Chelsea – 2011/12

Chelsea found themselves in sixth place at the end of the 2011/12 season but they demonstrated that despite finishing outside the European places, you can still have a good time down nearer the middle of the table.

In fact, they had such a good time that they won the Champions League, thus qualifying for the competition despite their lousy league position, a feat which United could replicate in part by winning the Europa League – could it happen?

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