Friday 20 July 2018

5,000 tweets per minute about original film Sharknado make it Syfy's most 'social broadcast' ever

Sharknado 2: Aftersharks
Sharknado 2: Aftersharks
Possible Sequels: We don't think anyone is questioning the science of these films, to be honest
Possible Sequels: This one makes too much sense.
Possible Sequels: Oh, we're judging you.
Sharkcano: "An underwater volcano would have made too much sense"
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Twitter users and American website Buzzfeed have designed hilarious parody posters as rumours of sequels to #Sharknado circulate.

Sharknado, the $1,000,000 made-for-TV movie about a ‘shark tornado’, premiered on the American Syfy network on the 11th July 2013, to the equivalent of a standing ovation on Twitter.

The film, starring Tara Reid, took over the social networking site with over 600,000 tweets sent over 8 hours- almost 5,000 tweets a minute. #Sharknado trended on Twitter and featured prominently on Facebook and Tumblr, with the majority of users claiming the film was ‘so bad, it’s good.’

The Syfy original drew in over 1.4 million viewers for the science-fiction channel, but with the Twitter furore it is expected to draw in even more on it’s repeat broadcast in America this Thursday.

Sharknado is the latest in a line of Syfy original programming, following on from ‘Sharktopus’ and ‘Independence Daysaster’.

Websites across the world covered the phenomenon of Sharnado, with American entertainment website Buzzfeed writing 8 articles on the flick, including ‘9 Best/Worst lines of Sharknado’ and ‘9 Harsh Political Realities of Sharknado’. In their latest piece, ‘9 Sharknado Sequels That Need To Exist’, Buzzfeed asked the director, Anthony C. Ferrante, if there would be a Sharknado sequel.

“Uh, no one’s called me yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be on its way soon,” he said with a laugh. “I mean, what do you do after Sharknado? You’ve got to up the ante.”

Buzzfeed then created a series of possible (hilarious) Sharknado sequel movie posters, which have been shared almost 6,000 times from Buzzfeed alone, and have earned over 30,000 notes on Tumblr. (See gallery at top of page).

SYFY’s Head of Original Programming has been quoted as saying that Sharknado may be re-aired again during 'Shark Week' in August, a popular week dedicated to sharks on the Discovery Channel.

Potential Sharknado fans from Europe can check Syfy’s sister website, Syfy UK, for local information on the re-airing of Sharknado. (United Kingdom)

Here are some of the best tweets from the #Sharknado trend. Twitter users came up with some very interesting Sharknado sequel ideas and posters themselves.


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