Monday 16 September 2019

5 incredibly surprising stories of success

“Holy s*** that worked.”

A man looking shocked
A man looking shocked

By Edd Dracott

Have you ever given something a go with no real belief it will come off, but it’s worked?

Well, these people have. Ask Reddit poses any burning question the social media site’s users think of, and NSalonga26’s enquiry of choice was “what’s your top ‘holy s***, that worked?’ moment?”

Here are five of the top-rated answers.

1. This miraculous career change, for user aeriat

“I work on costumes in theatre in NYC. About 2 years ago I was sitting in the front row of a show, and a button popped off one of the costumes. The next day I took it back to the stage door with my resume and a little note that said ‘This came off one of the costumes yesterday, and I thought you might want it back. And while I have your attention, here is my resume’.

“And that is the story of how I got my first job on a Broadway show.”

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2. This DIY repair, from waterboatman

“Had a laptop slide backwards off my lap, hit the floor and stop working. Showed me an error screen and wouldn’t start back up.

“Decided to turn it over and drop it from the same height onto its opposite side (why not, it’s already broken right?) and it started working again.”

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3. This feathered friend, from boltactionmike

“One time a bird got caught in our chimney and while me and my roommate discussing how to get it out he suggested we stick our hand up there and the bird will just land on our finger.

“I laughed at him and said it would never work… within 30 seconds he was walking to the door with a bird perched on his pointer finger.”

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4. This casually tremendous act, from casually_tremendous

“I was hiking with a friend and a bobcat crossed our path about 30 yards ahead of us. My friend turned around and went “oh s***” and began to run at which point the cat started running straight at me.

“I put my hands up in the air and yelled like “BLAAAAARRGGGHHHAARRGH” and it stopped to a skid and ran the other direction.”

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5. This unexpected lock mastery, from RealJohnLennon

“My friend and I had driven out into the woods to a small fishing hole on a creek in the mountains (about 30km away from town)… Idiot I am locks the keys in my pickup.

“We had a case of beer in the back of the truck, so we both chugged a few, and I cut the cans and folded them into a long thin, slim-jim type tool and unlocked the truck first try.”

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