Wednesday 23 January 2019

15 examples of the Change My Mind meme that show the Distracted Boyfriend has been usurped

From pizza to possums, these memes invite you to try and change people’s minds.

2017's biggest meme is over (Antonio Guillem/Getty Image/PA)
2017's biggest meme is over (Antonio Guillem/Getty Image/PA)

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

A tweet from a Conservative speaker and podcaster has achieved meme status, thanks to a very photoshop-able sign.

In February Steven Crowder set up a talking booth at the Texas Christian University, sporting a sign which read: “Male privilege is a myth, change my mind”.

The only problem with the photo was the big white sign, which was ripe for parody. Twitter did just that.

Here are some of the best resulting memes, making a strong case for the best meme of 2018.

1. This possum is happy for you to change his mind

2. This meme-maker wanted to join in, but didn’t possess the skills 

3. Should you persuade Crowder not to drink the contents of his mug?

4. Or perhaps enter into a debate about the male anatomy?

5. How can bees fly?

6. This age old debate, dividing nations across the globe

7. Pop Tarts are pasta, or are they?

8.  Place your bets now… 

9. This debate is getting spicy

10. Are you a cat or a dog person? We know which Crowder is…

11. The crossover meme

12. Meme-ception

13. No need to change anyone’s mind on this one

14. Of course, conspiracy theories had to come in somewhere in this meme-fest

15. This meme may have taken over the world, but will it replace the distracted boyfriend meme? This person doesn’t think so

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