Sunday 26 January 2020

14 times Australian police proved they have the best Twitter game in the world

This is how it’s done.

(Cockburn Police and NSW Police/Twitter)
(Cockburn Police and NSW Police/Twitter)

By EdwardD

Whether it’s in New South Wales, Queensland or the Northern Territory, Australian police teams have some serious Twitter game.

Here are some of their golden moments, to explain why.

1. When the New South Wales team brought out one of the oldest tricks in the book

It’s the ol’ look over there and schoolboy punching trick mixed in one – and for a good cause too.

2. The time Murdoch Police posted a stoner’s to do list

This guy was clearly going places.

Despite huge social media attention for a small police team in Perth, the Murdoch team stayed humble as well.

3. When NSW brought out the Game of Thrones references

4. When the NSW team (again) trolled 2 billion people

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users – and the NSW team clearly isn’t a fan of your food pictures.

5. When South Australia Police trolled their former Prime Minister

Bob Hawke was the Aussie PM from 1983 to 1991, and he’s now the ripe old age of 87 – so maybe he deserved a beer okay SA.

6. When the NSW team made a deep, meaningful Spotify playlist

Seriously, the New South Wales team are nailing this social media business.

7. When they realised the internet is all about puppies

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s puppies – and by gosh New South Wales, you did it again.

8. When Queensland Police trolled Nickelback

9. When NSW made an exquisite pun from a classic by The Killers

PD Cobble’s out of their cage, and by golly they’re looking just fine.

10. When Victoria PD trolled Mondays – with a dog

11. When Western Australia Police called out someone’s hunger for chicken

Nando’s is good – but not that good.

12. When Cockburn Police brought in the cavalry

No laughing at the station’s name please – this team is from a little suburb in Perth.

13. When Mundaring Police messed with technology

Difficult to decide if they were messing with a speedometer or Windows Paint.

Okay, probably Paint…

14. When York Police had absolutely no chill

Yep. They did this. Seriously.

Bonus round: When Queensland Police maybe got a little try-hard

That’s enough from you now Australia.

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