Monday 19 March 2018

£13.5m lottery jackpot winner reveals further winning tickets

A total of 110 National Lottery winners gathered to set the record for the Largest Gathering of Lottery Millionaires
A total of 110 National Lottery winners gathered to set the record for the Largest Gathering of Lottery Millionaires

A millionaire who won a lottery jackpot in May has continued his lucky streak with at least three further winning tickets.

Peter Congdon, 67, from Truro, Cornwall, won £25 last weekend and £76 three weeks ago - despite having already won a £13.5 million jackpot earlier this year.

He added that he had also won £2,000 in January before his big win and £25 about "two or three times" over the summer.

The car-lover bought himself a BMW and Range Rover and is funding a hydro pool for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, but said knowing what to do with the rest of his money was stressful.

He said: "People do not realise - they think you can just go out and do what you want with it but you can't."

The widower, who has three children and 10 grandchildren said he was taking each day as it comes, and three weeks ago continued a 40-year-old family tradition by going on holiday to Butlins.

Mr Congdon was speaking at an event in South London organised by the National Lottery, where 110 people broke the world record for the most number of millionaires in one space, beating the previous record of 100.

They also broke the record for the world's longest champagne-popping relay - opening 285 bottles of Prosecco.

Other winners at the event were Ray and Barbara Wragg, from Sheffield, who gave away over £5 million from their £7.6 million winnings, and Thea Bristow, from Torquay, who used her £15 million winnings to pay for a jumbo jet to fly 80 scouts to Canada for a holiday.

Also present was Sean Lloyd, from Stockport, who spotted a lucky penny on the floor and won the lottery after rubbing it on his ticket.

Gareth and Catherine Bull, from Mansfield, won £40 million between them in January 2012 but said they were determined their two boys got a normal upbringing.

They said: "We have kept everything normal for the kids - we still make them do chores and take money off them if they don't complete them.

"And they are both state-educated."

They added that their eldest son, who is 14, had just started a paper round.

As well as new cars and a Tenerife villa, the couple have bought private boxes in Manchester United football ground and Wembley stadium and said they had taken well over a thousand different people to share the experience.

Mrs Bull, 38, who volunteers full-time, said: "We love seeing people's reactions - one person once cried.

"You can't help everybody so it is our way of giving somebody something which is a memory."

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