Wednesday 22 May 2019

13 things that are a big deal to some people – but not to these folks

Crying kid on a plane? Who cares!


By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

We all have our pet peeves – some commonly shared, others not so much.

But can you name one thing you don’t care about so much, that others seem to find intolerable?

Reddit user ThinkSoftware asked: “What is something that bothers other people that you don’t really care about?”

Here are the responses – some of which might make you reconsider the things that tick you off.

1. Dinner for breakfast.

2. Swearing.

3. Do you front-roll or back-roll?

4. A well-fed baby is a happy baby, after all.

5. Save your time, your arm and an awkward run-walk.

6. Deal with it.

7. Silence doesn’t have to be awkward.

8. Needle in a haystack.

9. This individual is a better person than all of us.

10. Where were you when Brangelina split up?

11. A healthy debate.

12. Who cares if you’re late to work? At least you’re up to date with the Adnan Syed case.

13. Yeah, what’s that all about anyway?

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