Sunday 22 September 2019

13 things people born after the year 2000 may never appreciate

Let’s face it, mobile phones have revolutionised our lives.

A man stands near a car looking at a road map
A man stands near a car looking at a road map

By Max McLean, Press Association

Technology moves fast, and the faster it moves the quicker people become nostalgic for the things newer generations will never know – even the bad stuff.

With that in mind, Reddit user “1975-2050” asked fellow users of the website: “What inconvenience will people born after 2000 never fully appreciate?”

Prepare to look at your phone with nostalgic disgust after reading this.

1. Maps

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“Printing out a thick stack of MapQuests instruction for a 3 day road trip” – a1454a

2. Socialising

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“Date and time of meeting up with friends was set in stone, because you couldn’t message to say you’re running late or want to meet elsewhere.” – D-Rez

3. Music

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“Portable CD players that would skip when you hit a bump in the road” – ForgotTheNapkins

4. VHS

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“When the person who rented the videotape before you was not kind and didn’t rewind” – VictorBlimpmuscle

5. Phone numbers

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“Remembering phone numbers. I still remember old numbers that aren’t even in use now yet I don’t know those of people that I talk to now on the daily.” – poopellar

6. Not knowing stuff

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“Uggghhh, what was her name? you know, the actress in the movie about the lion and the tin man and the wizard of Oz? What was her name? Damn, I’ll have to ask mom on Monday when I see her.” – Ipride362

7. TV

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“Watching the new episode of a hot television show on the same day at the same time as everyone else, with no pausing for potty breaks- that’s what commercials were good for- and no rewind if you missed something.” – SuzQP

8. Manual labour

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“Summoning strength to roll the cars window up or down.” – pchitti_21


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“Dial up modems, and the novel sounds that came with them” – Gregtendo

10. Visibility

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“Having to wait for the street lights to be able to play the gameboy while riding in a car” – TotallyNotAPlant

11. Pen-less

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“Not being able to reach a pen or paper while you’re on the phone to someone important. Especially if it somehow feels too late to say “hold on a sec”, so you have to do the hysterical sign language of “GET ME A PEN” to anyone nearby and THEN get the person on the phone to repeat the number/address/details you inevitably missed, thus proving you should have asked them to hold for a sec in the first place.” – MtCarlmore

12. Music 2.0

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“As a music fan, I had a giant binder that held… 200? 400? A million? CDs. On trips I would put that in my backpack and bring it with me everywhere.

“My phone is lighter than a deck of cards. Holds more music. And doesn’t skip when I sneeze.” – EMPTY_BUT_WHOLE

13. Pokemon (Gotta catch them all)

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“There were only 151 pokemon. Now it’s just out of control.” – EastClintwood89

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