Monday 18 November 2019

13 people who really did Halloween right this year

Creative, spooky and downright weird – here are our Halloween heroes.

(Pater Byrne/PA)
(Pater Byrne/PA)

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

Halloween hasn’t officially happened yet – but with a heavy weekend of fancy dress parties out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about dishing out some awards.

So from amazing costumes to perfect pumpkins, and to those decorations that are just a little bit extra, here are 13 people who really excelled at Halloweening in 2018.

1. These meme-loving Halloween heroes

Part of the Halloween display my wife and kids put together from pics

2. This couple, who had the ultimate Halloween date night

3. This woman in Norfolk, whose husband built her an entire pumpkin house

(Joe Giddens/PA)

4. This meerkat, which also had its own pumpkin house

(Andrew Milligan)

5. These dedicated Halloween lovers

6. This guy, whose pumpkin-carving skills are next level

I just finished my 2018 pumpkin carving…. "The Mad Titan, Thanos". I hope reddit enjoys it! from pics

7. And this absurdly talented family of carvers

8. These Good Place fans

9. This guy, who paddled down the river in a pumpkin

(Peter Byrne/PA)

10. This guy, who came through for his friend in a tight spot

My friend needed a last minute Halloween costume – I think I delivered! from pics

11. Rita Ora, who nailed her Post Malone costume

12. This gloriously convoluted piece of wordplay

13. And finally, whoever it was at Blue Heron Farm that decided to put their puppies in costumes

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