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12 small benefits of being shorter than average

Being short has a lot of disadvantages… but there are certain things that are undeniably better.


Teenagers doing limbo dance on beach

Teenagers doing limbo dance on beach

Teenagers doing limbo dance on beach

If you’re shorter than the average person, life can come with a few difficulties, like never being able to see at concerts. There are, however, a few definite advantages.

Reddit user DarthBruin asked people on the website for examples of things short people can do better than tall people.

Here are 12 of the best submissions.

1. Fitting into small spaces.

2. This is something to always be grateful for.

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3. Having a small, pain-free back.

4. Short people can dodge and dip through crowds.

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5. Never hitting your head on anything.

6. On a related note, there’s one game a short person will never lose.

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7. There’s one career you can excel in.

8. Definitely the most fun benefit.

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9. You’ll never get in anybody’s way.

10. Never having to call “shotgun” for the front seat.

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11. The floor is never very far away.

12. Lastly, the thing short people are best at…

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