Saturday 23 February 2019

12 people who are extremely ready for January to be over

‘Why has it been January for six years?’

Yes, it's still January (Gam1983/Getty/PA)
Yes, it's still January (Gam1983/Getty/PA)

By Grace Rahman, Press Association

The first month of the year is never easy: there’s that long stretch between pay cheques, dark evenings, plus the pressure to reinvent yourself as a vision of health and wellness.

And although the first day of the year falling on a Monday gives you a proper blank slate to start with, it also means the 31 days of January stretch across five weeks.

To some people, that just feels way too long.

We can only hope that the rest of 2018 is going to go as slowly.

But really, are we sure January even counts as one month? Surely it’s more like one and a half?

And it just keeps going.

It’s never ending.

It feels like months have passed since New Year’s Day.

Christmas 2017 feels like a distant memory.

Time to make some new resolutions, since pretty much a year has passed since this month began.

Is time still passing?

You might have started to forget what getting paid feels like.

Some people were getting romantic inspiration.

It’s lasting longer than some of the longest-lasting things known to mankind.

It’s only a few more days now, you can do it.

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