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12 little things that prove English is the most annoying language to learn

People who speak English as a second language are explaining why they have it extremely difficult.


Pupil taking an exam

Pupil taking an exam

Pupil taking an exam

Whether you speak English as a second language or have been fluent since childhood, some things about the language are undeniably frustrating, from grammar to spelling.

Reddit user jackandsomefrogs asked people who speak English as a second language on the website to list all of the annoying things that they’ve come up against while learning, and some of them are infuriating.

Here are 12 of the best, which you might relate to quite a bit.

1. The horror of coming across a word with silent letters.

2. This would come in extremely handy.

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3. The struggle is real.

4. Some sounds are literally impossible.

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5. Some words are harder than others.

6. The English language is a nightmare.

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7. Everything about the word “queue”.

8. English and American have their differences…

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9. Help.

10. “Th” sounds are in an awful lot of words.

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11. Even numbers can be distressing.

12. Lastly, if you don’t sound this out in your head every time, you’re a genius.

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