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12 everyday things that are actually way harder than everyone thinks

These things may look easy, but they’re actually much harder than people let on.


(HyperionPixels/Getty Images)

(HyperionPixels/Getty Images)

(HyperionPixels/Getty Images)

Some people make the most difficult things in life look like a piece of cake.

One Reddit user asked people on the website for their best examples of things that are actually much harder than everybody thinks, and some of them are very relatable.

Here are 12 of the best, some of which you will have definitely tried (and possibly failed) before.

1. Whistling really loudly.

2. Having a bed-time as an adult.

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3. Making snacks without burning them.

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4. Playing on the monkey bars.

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5. Blowing gum bubbles is near impossible.

6. It’s much harder than it looks in the movies…

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7. A good comedian will make their work look effortless.

8. Achieving the perfect pancake.

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9. Video games are surprisingly tricky.

10. It’s very hard to reach the top.

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11. Surfing looks easy, but is actually incredibly hard.

12. And lastly, teachers are angels…

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