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11 unique sounds people on the internet say they’ll never forget

From the scariest to the silliest.


A lion roars at Bristol Zoo – (David Davies/PA)

A lion roars at Bristol Zoo – (David Davies/PA)

A lion roars at Bristol Zoo – (David Davies/PA)

Whether it’s a bicycle horn, a wave crashing against the shore or something else entirely, there are sounds that remain special to each of us in their own way.

That was the topic of conversation when Reddit user SlipperyShaman asked members of the website: “What unique sound will you never forget?”

So from the spooky to the silly, here are 11 of the best. Do any of these ring a bell?


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“Hearing a lion roar in person. I’ll never forget it and it was 8 years ago now. The power behind it is amazing.” – from Reddit user oh_noyoudidnt.


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“Hearing your baby’s first cries after being pushed out… it’s very surreal. It’s like wow, there really was an actual living thing in me lol. Made me automatically cry and I’m not a crier. I can’t explain how ethereal that moment felt.” from Reddit user imeowxx.

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“My childhood rabbit once farted while my mother was holding it. It was a prolonged and extremely high pitched peeeEEEEEP sound. I’ve never witnessed a bunny toot since then but it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.” – from Reddit user ibbity.


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