Saturday 25 May 2019

11 irksome acts so annoying they should be made illegal

Ugh, who does some of these?

Person wearing headphones
Person wearing headphones

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

From radio adverts playing sirens to fake pockets, there’s some everyday acts and objects which really get people worked up.

In fact, they get so annoyed that they think these small acts should be made illegal.

Judging by comments on this Reddit thread, started by J0chem0o there are a lot of inconsiderate acts which make the cut – and a whole lot of people who are surely guilty.

For instance…

1. ‘Eating’ a mobile phone.

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2. Failure to copy correctly.

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3. General poor attention to emails.

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4. The worst.

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5. Crashes and the aftermath on radio adverts.

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6. The ire over poor pockets.

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7. Workout hogs.

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8. Who does this?

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9. Awks.

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10. Shopping trolley etiquette.

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11. And a big one.

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