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11 everyday debates that will quickly divide a room

These are the little things nobody can agree on.


Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? (bhofack2/Getty Images)

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? (bhofack2/Getty Images)

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? (bhofack2/Getty Images)

From pineapple pizza to the pronunciation of gif, there are plenty of things in the world to argue about.

We’re not talking big debates over Brexit or Trump, just everyday topics.

Reddit user kslater22 asked people for their best ways to divide a room, and here are 12 things to lovingly argue with your friends and colleagues about.

1. The techie debate.

2. Pineapple?

James Franco Ham And Pineapple Pizza GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. The dress makes a return.

4. Even the advertisers know it’s not for everyone.

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Try Americans GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

5. Nope.

Movie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

6. This controversial statement.

7. One for any Friends fans.

Friends GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. Movie fans, start your debates now.

9. This person clearly isn’t a Millennial.

Episode 1 Mma GIF by UFC - Find & Share on GIPHY

10. A sandwich? Hmmm.

11. And lastly, this one’s a thinker.

Kith GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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