Wednesday 23 January 2019

10 things that non-Brits think Brits do well

How many of these do you take for granted?

By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

The NHS, orderly queues and the chunky chip – these are a few things that the UK is best known for.

But as a nation of self-deprecating people, we often take these aspects of everyday life for granted, forgetting just how devoid of convenience and joy our lives would be without them.

Here, non-Brits of Reddit have been sharing the aspects of British life which they admire, and some of the suggestions are endearingly simple.

1. A pint brings all the Brits to the yard.

2. Three prongs all the way.

3. “Should I stay and wait my turn, or should I floor it, get beeped at and become the object of scorn until I’ve disappeared out of sight?”

4. Pub is life.

5. Being villainous.

6. Getting your snack on is a gourmet experience.

7. Okay, temporary traffic lights are cool and all, until you start to question whether they’re still working because you’ve been sitting in the same spot for an actual eternity.

8. These gooey, chocolatey orange treasures are always a crowd favourite.

9. The rules are simple: the left side is for those who wish to risk their lives sprinting down the steps, and NOT for suitcases/children.

10. Panel show and chill.

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