Wednesday 17 January 2018

10 reasons why Chelsea Manning is the purest thing on Twitter

“Never give up, remember love is unconditional, and stick to values and principles.”

(milicad/Getty Images)
(milicad/Getty Images)

By Prudence Wade

Ever since she was released from prison on May 17, Chelsea Manning’s Twitter feed has been a rare glimmer of sunshine in a dark and cruel world.

Manning has been navigating her new life, whether it’s by shutting down trolls or deciding what to have for dinner. Luckily, she’s sharing her journey on social media – and here’s why she’s all the inspiration you’ll need today.

1. She won’t let the haters get her down, and there are a lot of them on social media.


2. She gives the best Monday motivation.

3. She wants everyone to pull together.

4. Her positivity is seemingly unwavering.

5. Whether it’s tweeting about politics or her daily life, her emoji game is always strong.


6. She believes in equality and love.


7. Even the most mundane of observations are just so cute.

8. She believes in hope.


9. Honestly, some of her tweets seem like they’re straight out of a Disney movie.

10. After everything she’s been through and all the column inches dedicated to her, Manning still thinks she’s just an Average Joe.

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