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10 pictures from Chelsea v Manchester United that are just too good not to be made into memes


Don’t worry United fans – captions make it all better.

Chelsea have beaten Manchester United in an FA Cup quarter final which featured red card drama, two titanic personalities in the managers’ dugouts, and one invaluable goal.

Jose Mourinho reminded Chelsea supporters of his Stamford Bridge successes and had to be separated from successor Antonio Conte during Manchester United's feisty FA Cup loss on March 13.

Ander Herrera’s red card and N’Golo Kante’s sublime long range winner will take the headlines elsewhere, but we don’t want to bore you with any more of that.

We’ve got some great pictures which tell you all you need to know about the match – and making them memes was the obvious course of action.

1. When you’ve turned up to watch a game of football in a country you used to manage but also just signed a deal with Specsavers.

Ex-England manager Fabio Capello was present at the game, and if his eye-wear is anything to go by – he’s either doing great or having a late-life crisis of some sort.

2. When you start celebrating a teensy bit early.

Easy boys, the game hasn’t even started yet. Maybe Juan Mata was just happy to see his coach – he must really like that guy.

3. When your friends are fighting and you want them to just chill and play football nicely with you.

Antonio Valencia playing diplomat like a pro after Ander Herrera received his second yellow card – for two challenges on a sheepish looking Eden Hazard pictured here.

4. When your opposite manager foolishly challenges you to a sumo wrestling match and you’re so ready for it.

Based on this warm-up from Jose Mourinho earlier in the game, Antonio Conte had guts getting in Mourinho’s face after the Herrera sending off.

5. When all your fourth official training has built up to this moment when you have to stop two managers killing each other.

Michael Jones earned his paycheck at Stamford Bridge, he really did.

6. When your dad is David Beckham so FA Cup quarter finals are like going to the pub for the game.

Sorry Brooklyn. Maybe you had a call, or were blinking.

7. When you know you’ve scored but you have no idea at all where the pitch is.

Wrong way Antonio mate…

8. When you’ve clearly had a coffee at half time.

Hazard’s name couldn’t be more appropriate from the opposing team’s perspective when he’s running at this pace. Easy on the espressos, Eden.

9. When your team looks to be heading for defeat so you feign a facial injury.

Clever Paul Pogba, very clever. Nemanja Matic doesn’t look impressed though.

10. When the other manager wants to close out their 1-0 win, but frankly you’re past caring at this point.

“See you later Antonio – have fun in the semi-finals.”

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