Tuesday 18 June 2019

10 mildly painful things Reddit users think would do 1 HP of damage in real life

There are lots of “oohs” and “aahs” in here.

The list contains small painful things which will annoy (PIKSEL/Getty Images/PA)
The list contains small painful things which will annoy (PIKSEL/Getty Images/PA)

By Max McLean, Press Association

In the world of video games and card games, hit points – or HP – determine your health in the game, but what if HP was applicable to real life?

Reddit users wondered, if that were the case, what would be the lowest possible level of damage someone could take. From bopping your head to the dreaded paper cut, here are their suggestions.

1. Hair

thisisnotacount: “Accidently catching and pulling out a hair.”

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2. Heels

dawg: “When someone walks up behind you too quickly and steps on your heel.”

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3. Headphones

IAmKnightSolaire: “When your headphones catch on a door handle and get ripped out.”

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4. Vehicle entry

Kropladop: “When you enter your vehicle but you forgot that you sun visor is still down from last time you drove it, and you slightly bash your head on it.”

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5. Beer

pirateclub: “Trying to open a beer you thought was a twist top.”

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blind3rdeye: “and then -1 moral for realising that it actually is a twist top, but years of sedentary lifestyle have made your hands so soft and weak that it’s actually difficult to open.”

6. Tongue

inside4walls: “Maybe burning your tongue just a little. Or biting your tongue when chewing.”

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NoNeedForAName: “And then there’s the poisoned version of this that does continual damage: biting your cheek, which causes it to swell, which causes you to bite it even more.”

7. Dog

BlueAndDog: “When I lean down to pet the puppy and she jumps and headbutts me in the nose.”

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8. Water

Catnip_Picard: “Drinking water and accidentally swallow incorrectly for a brief moment.”

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9. Sleep

goodmorning_reddit: “When you are about to fall asleep then feel like you are falling so you get spooked and wake up.”

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10. Paper cut

waqtik: Papercut.

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