Sunday 22 April 2018

Ancestry site digs up ghostly names

Mary Scary, Fran Pire and Frank N Stein are among the peculiar names unearthed by a family history website. said a study of names on its site going back hundreds of years revealed some unusual entries, including Norfolk woman Mary Scary and World War One soldier Will Fright.

Cat has eight lives left after journey

A cat has survived a six-mile journey from Edinburgh sitting on a van's engine.

The Persian was discovered when the van's driver looked under the bonnet after noticing a burning smell. She is now being treated for burns and a fractured jaw.

Montana insect is headless wonder

Sleepy Hollow has its headless horseman and now Montana in the US has a headless ladybird.

The newly discovered insect tucks its head into its throat -- making it not only a new species but an entirely new genus.

Bid to nail rhino horn poachers

A South African film production designer is trying to help stamp out rhino poaching by sending toenail clippings to the Chinese embassy in Pretoria.

Mark Wilby wants to make the point that rhino horn, a traditional Chinese medicine, is made up of keratin -- a protein in human nails.

North Korea's Air Koryo goes online

The world's only one-star airline, North Korea's Air Koryo, has finally joined the internet age with an online booking service, flying to locations in China and Russia.

The company's website says it started operations in August and promises "a convenient reservation. . . day and night".

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