Friday 19 January 2018

Your eyes don’t deceive: It IS an alligator with a water wing

AN alligator in the US has been given a rubber tail – and a water wing to help him get used to it.

Mr. Stubbs is a seven-foot-long alligator who lost his tail at an early age.

His prosthetic is made from rubber, and molded from an alligator cadaver of roughly the same size. The tail was dissected to be mass - and weight-proportiona - and attached by nylon straps.

However, it's actually made Mr. Stubbs even clumsier as he struggles to get used to it.

The 11-year-old alligator learned to swim in a local pool, getting around by doggy paddling. His new tail will ultimately be a benefit, but until then, the Herpetological Society in Phoenix in Arizona had the prescience to provide him with a water wing.

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