Wednesday 21 March 2018

Young girl dodges bullet as she rides on bus in Oregon

Shot misses passenger by inches

Rachael Revesz

It should have been an ordinary journey.

But one girl came within inches of losing her life when a bullet was fired into the bus she was riding on, narrowly missing her and smashing into the window beside her.

The teenager, who has not been identified, was riding the bus in April when the incident occured.

In the video, a single bullet appears to tear through the vehicle and into the window beside the girl. She ducks for cover, and then crawls into the aisle.

A male passenger at the back of the bus is seen to jump in fright.

Three people come up to talk to the girl and appear to inspect the bullet hole in the glass.

Sergeant Pete Simpson, a Portland police spokesman, said he was not aware of any leads on the case and that authorities had no information on the shooter, although they were aware of gunfire that night on a nearby Portland intersection on 19 April, as reported by the Oregonian.

The Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention found that Oregon had a death-by-gunfire rate of 12 people per 100,000 residents in 2010, two points higher than the national average.

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