Friday 20 April 2018

Young boy (11) left home alone fatally shoots teen intruder

Police attending the scene of a shooting in St. Louis Credit: AP
Police attending the scene of a shooting in St. Louis Credit: AP

An 11-year old boy left home alone shot and killed a teenage intruder.

Police in Missouri, United States, said the body of a 16-year old was found outside a window of a home when they arrived at a house in a suburb of St Louis after hearing of reports of a shooting.

According to the police the teenage intruder was shot in the head as he tried to enter the house at 2:30 pm.

It is understood the 11-year-old staved off several attempts by the teen and another man to break into house before finally shooting and killing the 16-year-old intruder.

The boy’s four-year-old sister was in the house at the time.

The second intruder, who has not been identified, has since been arrested.

KMOV, a local television station, reported that the boy’s mother, who was not present at the time of the shooting, had bought the gun for protection.

One woman told the CNN affiliate the two boys were on the front porch of the home when the 11-year-old took out a gun and fired."They were just arguing loud, you know, back and forth," she said.

The 11-year old boy is in custody in order for the police to to question him.

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