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“Words cannot describe the sadness we’re experiencing,” Lingzi Lu’s family remember their daughter

The family of the third Boston bombing victim who tragically died on Monday have released a statement encouraging others to pursue the dreams their daughter did not get to fulfill.

Lingzi Lu, the 23-year-old Boston University graduate student who died on Monday, will live on forever in the hearts of her family.

Her family, from Shenyang in China, have issued a statement thanking the public for their support and remembering her “positive spirit” and “joy”.

"It has always been her dream to come to America to study,” the statement read. “While she was here, she fell in love with Boston and its people. She loved her new friends and her professors at Boston University.

“She wanted to play a role in international business, specializing in applied mathematics. She has been studying very hard toward her goal. Sadly, it was not to be.”

Lu had previously studied economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology before moving to Boston in the autumn of last year to begin her postgraduate studies.

"We are grieving and at a loss for words to describe the pain and sadness we are experiencing following the sudden passing of our dear daughter, Lingzi,” the statement continued.

“She was the joy of our lives. She was a bright and wonderful child. We were thrilled to watch her grow into an intelligent and beautiful young woman. She was a positive role model for many others.

And in a true testament to the family’s courage in the most devastating of times, they encouraged others to pursue their dreams in the hope of “carrying on” their daughter’s spirit.

“While her dream has not been realized, we want to encourage others who have Lingzi’s ambition and dreams, and want to make the world a better place, to continue moving forward,” it added. “Your kindness will always be in our thoughts and memories of how you reached out selflessly to us during the darkest hour of our lives.

“We wish to thank each of you for your prayers and for thinking of our daughter.

“We hope that everyone who knew Lingzi, and experienced the positive spirit and joy she had, will help carry on her spirit. We hope that everyone who has now heard about Lingzi will keep a memory of her in their hearts.''

By Caitlin McBride in Boston


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