Friday 23 March 2018

Woman uses unused ticket from 1994 to get into Disney World

Chelsea Herline's ticket was honoured by Disney World... 20 years later
Chelsea Herline's ticket was honoured by Disney World... 20 years later
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

When Chelsea Herline was four years old she visited Disney World with her family, but was too sick to visit the park on her last day.

Twenty-two years later, Disney World honoured the ticket from 1994 and allowed 26-year-old Chelsea entry to the Orlando theme park for free.

"I was totally not expecting to go to Disney World that day,'' Chelsea told Today Parents.

"I didn't bring anything with me, so it was really surprising. The ticket didn't have an expiration date so I was ready to argue my way in, but they were so nice about it."

Chelsea’s dad found the ticket in their basement, which had a picture on it of her when she was four.

The woman at the ticket desk was younger than Chelsea and had never seen anything like it. Her manager swapped the ticket for an adult’s pass and Chelsea was given a badge saying “First visit in forever!”

"They were so excited about seeing the ticket and so great about it,'' she said. "I was there for about four hours, and I went on all the big rides from when I was little. I spent the whole day alone and sat by myself on every single ride."

Chelsea said that returning to Disney World as an adult was an eye-opening experience.

"It was funny to be back there now that I'm older to see the parents with these kids,'' she said. "I can't believe my parents used to take us there. It seems like chaos."

"I think Disney World makes everyone feel nostalgic,'' she said. "They remember the times they had at Disney because it's a magical place, so (redeeming the ticket) is like a feel-good story."

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