Sunday 15 December 2019

Woman tweeted she was ‘2 drunk 2 care’ moments before killing best friends after driving wrong way down motorway

Kayla Mendoza
Kayla Mendoza
Best friends Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio who died in the accident
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A YOUNG woman who tweeted she was ‘2 drunk 2 care’ moments before driving the wrong way down a motorway and killing two best friends has apologised.

Kayla Mendoza was drinking with co-workers in Florida in the hours before she drove the wrong way down a busy motorway ploughing in to a car carrying two best friends.

"I wish there was something I could say to make up for what happened”, she told show American show ‘Inside Edition’ in an interview.

"But no matter how many 'sorrys,' apologies, tears I cry, no matter how much I hate myself for what happened, nothing I say will change anything," she added.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times published extracts from the interview.

The 21-year-old has been charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, for killing best friends Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio.

The two victims were both also just 21-years-old.

The accident has left Mendoza confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk.

During the interview she also addressed the notorious ‘2 drunk 2 care tweet.

The former T-mobile worker said it was directed at her boyfriend – she claimed the pair had been fighting.

"It did not mean, 'I'm too drunk to care, I'm going to get in my car now and wherever the hell I end up, that's it,' No." she told the show.

"It was directed to my boyfriend. That's the only person that it was for."

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