Thursday 23 November 2017

Woman seeking revenge on ex-boyfriend sets wrong car on fire

Carmen Chamblee, 19, was arrested after the incident was caught on CCTV

Matt Murphy

A woman has been arrested after setting fire to a car she thought belonged to an ex-boyfriend, according to police.

Carmen Chamblee, 19, was arrested on September 3 and charged with second-degree arson.

The owner of the white Honda, Thomas Jennings, said he had never seen her before.

CCTV caught Chamblee setting the vehicle alight last month, leading to Police posting the video on social media in search of her.

In the video, the teenager is seen stirring up the flames in the trunk before walking off.

Investigators found that a rag was set on fire and placed in the gas tank of the vehicle.

She was eventually spotted by a local officer and taken into custody.

Jennings said his roommate was first to discover the car in flames.

"He came running in the house saying my car was on fire," he told ABC New.

"We ran out there. He had a pot of water trying to get it to go out. It was too much."

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