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Woman catches toddler who fell from fourth-floor balcony

A toddler who fell from the fourth-floor balcony of a Florida hotel was caught by a British tourist in the pool area below.

Helen Beard, 44, was by the swimming pool at Orlando's Econo Lodge hotel at about 11pm on Wednesday when she saw Jah–Nea Myles, aged 16 months, hanging from the balcony.

Ms Beard, from Worksop, ran to a spot directly under the dangling toddler and watched as she fell, hitting the third–floor balcony on her way down.

She managed to catch the baby in her arms and held her until emergency medical workers arrived.

Helena Myles, the child's mother, said: "I'm thanking the Lord above right now for saving my child's life. I'm also thanking that lady because she was an angel sent from heaven."

Jah–Nea was taken to hospital where medical staff said she had no injuries and was in good health. "She's perfectly fine. Not a scratch on her body," her mother said.

Ms Myles told the Orange County Sheriff's office that she had left her daughter in the care of friends, who said they did not notice Jah–Nea slip out onto the balcony. Police said no criminal charges were pending.