Thursday 22 February 2018

White supremacist discovers he is part black

Craig Cobb. Credit: CNN
Craig Cobb. Credit: CNN

By David Millward

Craig Cobb, a white supremacist who wants to ban all blacks from a small North Dakotan town discovers that he has African ancestry.

The results of DNA testing did not go quite the way in which Craig Cobb had hoped.

Mr Cobb has achieved national notoriety across the US with his attempt to turn Leith, North Dakota into an all-white enclave.

However now Mr Cobb may now be unable to meet the racial purity benchmark he set to settle in his own town after the tests showed he was 14 per cent sub-Saharan African.

Having extolled the virtues of what he described as a “racially conscious community” he dismissed the findings of the test as “statistical noise”, when confronted with the results on the Trisha Goddard show.

However the results delighted the audience and another - black – guest on the show, who took a delight in addressing him as “bro”. Neo-Nazis have been moving into the town since Mr Cobb began buying derelict properties.

According to Mr Cobb they have been willing sellers who support his belief that like-minded people should be able to live together.

The US National Socialist Movement, the country’s largest neo-nazi party, has ambitions to seize control of the Leith’s town council.

Its “vision” for the ramshackle settlement entails displaying the flags of other white nations.

Leith’s own flag will, he says, be a national socialist hunting flag with stag horns and only a small “discreet” swastika.

According to the latest census Leith has a population of 16 including one black, Bobby Harper, who lives with his white wife, Sherrill.

Mr Harper has said he has no intention of moving.

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