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WATCH: The moment white supremacist who shot nine black people dead in a church is arrested

This is the moment local police foiled the getaway of an unemployed high school dropout who killed nine African-American people dead in a church last week.

Dylann Storm Roof was the most wanted man in the US for a total of 13 hours and 44 minutes, before police caught up with him near Shelby, a small town in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountains.

Last Wednesday, Roof (21) went into Charleston's historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, sat for nearly an hour at a Bible study class, and then opened fire on the participants.

Roof has since been charged with nine counts of murder. He allegedly told one survivor she could live to tell people what happened.

After the horror of the mass shooting, Roof’s escape came to an end at a traffic stop as police cars pulled up behind him.

The footage, released by Shelby North Carolina Police, shows Roof being led from his car and handcuffed.

Investigators are not sure why Roof travelled in the direction of Shelby, 247 miles from the crime scene, after the shooting.

Just hours before the arrest, Charleston police had released images of Roof and his black Hyandai Sedan car, which was taken from footage on the church CCTV cameras.

The car was spotted by a local near the town of Shelby, who called her boss to make sure it was the right car. He rang police who confirmed the number plate match.

Shelby police Chief Jeff Ledford said they police planned the arrest as they travelled to the scene. They knew they would have to close in fast, but with caution, as the area is a highly-populated commercial district.

“The planning was done as they were getting prepared to stop him,” Ledford said after the arrest. 

“When dealing with someone who may not have a lot to lose, you always worry about what they may do and what dangers they present.”

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